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Please write here any comment you have after testing TheGoodData service. Bugs, improvement areas or any idea that you think it might be usefull.


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Sep 28 2014 - 7:58pm  by marcos

Firsts comments have been quite positive! I summarize here a few of them I received by mail:

  1. Sign up process is quite complex. The reason for that is that it is not a simple service registration, but an application to become cooperative member. However we have identified a couple of ways to simplify it and we will work into that
  2. We should open people's data for good causes. Data is not only good because it worths money that can be given to charities, but can also be opened for research and benefitial services for the society. We think this is a great idea and we will investigate what can be done on that regard
  3. We must improve download speed of some pages. Evil-data and Your-data goes extremely slow. We are working on that as a first priority and hope to have it fixed soon!

We have another discussion that summarizes all the mid-term development priorities. We have included this 2 into that summary as first priority (P1). You can have a look at it here:


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